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infoThe timeless value of reading a good book during holidays Share it on Facebook

reading on chrissi island It is a fact that many people have combined the summer season and especially the holidays by reading books. From long journeys by train to sunbeds on the beach, you will find people reading while enjoying the days they are given the opportunity to escape from everyday life.

Reading is in fact a conversation both with the protagonists of each story and with the author himself. During holidays, this dialogue can go deeper into the reader's mind as he is undistracted and has the mood, and especially the time to deepen in the meaning of the words.

Reading refines the spirit, sharpening thought. In other words, the spiritual horizons are widening, the thought is energized, the imagination is excited. The absence of images-as a rebellion from the storms of images that television and the Internet show-activates and strengthens the brain as it puts it in the process of forming the images on its own. This process removes, even temporarily, problems and obligations from his mind and leads him page by page to an almost cinematic environment , integrated him simultaneously into a different world. But it also makes something even more important. It allows people to feel their own feelings, what everyday life forces them to hide in the back of their minds - in order to be able to satisfy their obligations - labor, financial, family etc. If proper nutrition strengthens the body's immune system and defenses, studying a good book makes the reader stronger and stronger against the war with the insignificance that surrounding our time, empowering his soul by strengthening his aesthetic criterion. Therefore, Joseph Addison, an English essayist, is reasonably justified that "reading is for the mind, what the gym is for the body."

It is worth mentioning that the book is anxiolytic. tent on chrissi island It has been observed by university studies that reading before bedtime helps the person to sleep more easily and better. It helps to escape from the standard routine of everyday life. In addition, it fights depression. No matter how strange it sounds, the guides of happiness, self-confidence or self-improvement unleash the individual from his mental disorders and open wide the doors of optimism.

In keeping with the therapeutic benefits of the book, the people they read are less likely to become ill with Alzheimer, according to modern studies. The book becomes a cure for the soul and soothing of any disorder. "Read to live," as Gustave Flaubet said.

It is useful not to forget that the book is not just as awakening from the spiritual lethargy or the body of endless knowledge and information. It makes us better people. For example, people who are entangled in a fantasy book emotionally have more empathy. This means that the book exerts a positive influence on their mentality and enriches their personality, so they ostraciate the negative elements of themselves and armed with virtue. They hold the key in their hands to open the spiritual treasure chest.

    Here is a list of sites with free books, which you can download and read on your computer or your tablet.

  • 1.Classic Bookshelf: This site has put classic novels online, from Charles Dickens to Charlotte Bronte.
  • 2.The Online Books Page: The University of Pennsylvania hosts this book search and database.
  • 3.Ebooks for greeks A free Greek Library
  • 4. Page by Page Books: Find books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and H.G. Wells, as well as speeches from George W. Bush on this site.
  • 5. Classic Book Library: Genres here include historical fiction, history, science fiction, mystery, romance and children’s literature, but they’re all classics.
  • 6. Classic Reader: Here you can read Shakespeare, young adult fiction and more.
  • 7. Read Print: From George Orwell to Alexandre Dumas to George Eliot to Charles Darwin, this online library is stocked with the best classics.
  • 8. The Spectator Project: Montclair State University's project features full-text, online versions of The Spectator and The Tatler.
  • 9. Bibliomania: This site has more than 2,000 classic texts, plus study guides and reference books.
  • 10. Bartleby: Bartleby has much more than just the classics, but its collection of anthologies and other important novels made it famous.
  • 11. Fiction.us: Fiction.us has a huge selection of novels, including works by Lewis Carroll, Willa Cather, Sherwood Anderson, Flaubert, George Eliot, F. Scott Fitzgerald and others.
  • 12. Free Classic Literature: Find British authors like Shakespeare and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, plus other authors like Jules Verne, Mark Twain, and more.

      Children's Books
    • 24. byGosh: Find free illustrated children's books and stories here.
    • 25. Munseys: Munseys has nearly 2,000 children's titles, plus books about religion, biographies and more.
    • 26. International Children's Digital Library: Find award-winning books and search by categories like age group, make believe books, true books or picture books.

      History and Culture
    • 56. LibriVox: LibriVox has a good selection of historical fiction.
    • 57. The Perseus Project: Tufts' Perseus Digital Library features titles from Ancient Rome and Greece, published in English and original languages.
    • 58. Free History Books: This collection features U.S. history books, including works by Paul Jennings, Sarah Morgan Dawson, Josiah Quincy and others.

      Arts and Entertainment
    • 61. Chest of Books: This site has a wide range of free books, including gardening and cooking books, home improvement books, craft and hobby books, art books and more.
    • 62. Free e-Books: Find titles related to beauty and fashion, games, health, drama and more.
    • 63. 2020ok: Categories here include art, graphic design, performing arts, ethnic and national, careers, business and a lot more.
    • 64. Free Music Books: Find sheet music, lyrics and books about music here.

    • 65. The Literature Network: This site features forums, a copy of The King James Bible, and over 3,000 short stories and poems.
    • 66. Poetry: This list includes "The Raven," "O Captain! My Captain!" and "The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde."
    • 67. Poem Hunter: Find free poems, lyrics and quotations on this site.
    • 68. Famous Poetry Online: Read limericks, love poetry, and poems by Robert Browning, Emily Dickinson, John Donne, Lord Byron and others.
    • 69. Google Poetry: Google Books has a large selection of poetry, from The Canterbury Tales to Beowulf to Walt Whitman.
    • 70. QuotesandPoem.com: Read poems by Maya Angelou, William Blake, Sylvia Plath and more.
    • 71. PinkPoem.com: On this site, you can download free poetry ebooks.

    • 72. Banned Books: Here you can follow links of banned books to their full text online.
    • 73. DailyLit: DailyLit has everything from Moby Dick to the more recent phenomenon, Skinny Bitch.
    • 74. A Celebration of Women Writers: The University of Pennsylvania's page for women writers includes Newbery winners.
    • 75. Free Online Novels: These novels are fully online and range from romance to religious fiction to historical fiction.
    • 76. ManyBooks.net: Download mysteries and other books for your iPhone or eBook reader here.
    • 77. Authorama: Books here are pulled from Google Books and more. You'll find history books, novels and more.
    • 78. Prize-winning books online: Use this directory to connect to full-text copies of Newbery winners, Nobel Prize winners and Pulitzer winners.