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infoThe brain reacts to traveling in a unique way! Share it on Facebook

chrissi islandEveryone enjoys changing views or enjoying trips. But did you know that spending time in a new place really helps your brain change for the better?

If you've ever noticed that traveling doesn't just widen your horizons but make you truly healthier, you'll be happy to know that science agrees with you.

According to science traveling excites your brain and favors the creation of new synapses in the brain. The connection between new experiences and the creation of dendrites in the brain is essential.

Dendrites are nerve scions that developing from the neurons of the brain. Their role is to transfer information between different areas of the brain. In short, the more functional dendrites, the better the brain's performance. It also supports the maintenance of cognitive functions, such as memory and attention. When we travel to a new place, the brain is forced to grasp new stimuli. This causes the creation of new dendrites. Your brain "really starts to look like a jungle." chrissi island

In order to benefit, your trip does not even need to go according to your schedule. Although we all prefer our flights to depart on time and the hotel or rental room to be perfect, stress and anxiety can, to some degree, play a positive role in creating dendrites. The reason is that when faced with an obstacle or an unexpected problem, the brain is forced to process the situation immediately and find a solution. This facilitates the formation of new dendrites and enhances our ability to solve problems.