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Holidays in Crete, Cretan gastronomy

a meal in chrissi island We all look for rejuvenation and relaxation during our holidays with visits to beaches, mountains and canyons. Food we use, beyond that it is necessary for maintaining the body and its activeness, so it must be noutritious, can also have, a significant contribution to the sense of happiness and tranquility. According to science pleasure of all kinds, including that derived from food, leads to the release of dopamine in the brain promoting the feeling of happiness and calmness. So the food must be not only nutritious, but also tasty.


A mistake that we all make when we go to a beach

chrissi island north side The benefits of just a walk on the beach are well known, and for many of us, the beach is the first choice for recreation. After all, there are more than a few people who swim in the sea all year, especially in Crete where temperatures do not drop low in the winter season. Old Cretans, especially in the southern coastal Crete, say "We don't have winter here".


Kisiris - The pumice

chrissi island north side Many people see the beach as entertainment, others as recreation, others as sport and others as an opportunity to rejuvenate body and mind by using the sun, the beneficial ingredients of seawater, and oxygen.

What is our point of view? " The beach is always the best choice! "


North or South Beach, East or West?

Falassarna Crete

Crete has wonderful beaches from Falassarna to Zakros, all along its coastline. Regardless of whether your transportations are easy or difficult, it is good to be successful in your choice of beach and return to your base happy with your choice.


On The Roads of Crete

Triopetra Crete

Crete in holiday periods acquires multiple population, with the traffic on the roads to grow, as everyone is looking for moments of relaxation on beaches, on mountains and canyons. Many will rent a car, others will bring your own, others will use a professional guide that knows well the road network of Crete and also can suggest remarkable places, and others will choose public transport for excursions to cretan nature. The road network has new constructions with wide flat roads, and open turns.

You will also find on your way, old road network, mainly in south Crete, which although is well preserved, it has traps, like very closed downhill turns, pits and asphalt abnormality.


The infallible way to always choose the best watermelon!

chrissi island north side

Watermelon is probably the most popular fruit of the summer. It nourishes, moisturizes, and cools us. Many times, our enthusiasm by buying a watermelon is over when we open it and try it, we find it unripe, or that it is not as we expected. When choosing the watermelon, others strike it, others smell it, others simply trust their experienced greengrocer.

Eventually what is the secret to pick the red, sweet and fragrant watermelon?


The Journey

chrissi island north side The journey is a personal matter. A contract that for some time you leave back your daily self and become a traveler character, who wants inexhaustible to perceive every image, any sound, every taste, each smell and every feeling as if he perceives them for the first time.

The traveler does not only captures attractions, but also feelings. And the most important feeling is to feel how it is to be out of the closed, social conventions of his everyday life.


Winter Swimming

chrissi island north side A dear friend, winter swimmer, confesses: It was mid December a few years ago when I did my first swim. I was standing on the beach and looking at the sea for a long time before I dived. Inwardly I was afraid that I might not come out alive, since there was no one else on the beach, to help if something went wrong. I had read so much about the benefits of winter swimming that I was determined. A successful heart test I did a few weeks ago, was my weapon in this decision. I was 32 years old.


Anthropause, this "big break"

chrissi island north side The term Anthropause, which also comes from the rich Greek language and literally means "human pause", was included in Oxford Languages and its 2020 report Words of an Unprecedent Year. It was undoubtedly one of the new words of the year. A word that came to stay.


Covid-19. What to do If you suspect that you may have been infected? Self-help Tip

chrissi island north side The fear and the scenarios that are circulating for Covid 19, will probably reduce our summer excursions or even postpone our summer vacation.

In Greece there is a popular wisdom that says:"Better to tie the donkey than to chase it" which means in a free translation, before you do anything you better take your precautions. Safety measures such as distance, mask, and hand washing reduce the chance of infection and refer to the first part of popular wisdom. But what about the second part of this popular greek wisdom? What to do If you suspect that you may have been infected?


Free Diving, Health Benefits

chrissi island north side Free diving is a water activity that requires an immense amount of concentration and physical prowess. Think scuba diving - but without all the equipment. No oxygen tanks, no weight belt - just you, your lungs, and the marine life. There are many physical benefits of that activity, including toning your muscles and strengthening your lungs, but some of the greatest experiences in free diving are conquering the challenges you face and the unique underwater view.

Let's take a look at the top health benefits of freediving:


How much water does our body need in the summer in Greece?

chrissi island north side We all know the vital importance of water in our body. Water keeps our body temperature constant, protects sensitive tissues, and helps eliminate toxins. Even mild dehydration can lead to fatigue.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recommends 2 liters of fluid per day for the average woman and 2.5 liters for the average man.


Summer and Mosquitoes. Do they transmit Covid-19?

chrissi island north side Summer, relaxation, great beaches, beach bars, nights with guitar on the beach, sleep in nature....etc And while you relax you feel something in your hand or maybe not only there. A new visitor came to make you scratch mercilessly, blush and get marks that may take hours or even days to go away. You all understood which visitor I am referring to. Because mosquitoes are definitely the most annoying company of the summer.


Natural food sources of immunity-boosting vitamin D

chrissi island When, due to working or social or weather conditions we do not see the sunlight and in addition according to our schedule the date for the start of our holidays is still far away, it is good to enrich our diet with foods that contain vitamin D.


Featured movies that will entertain you while traveling.

chrissi island at night When the destination of our vacation is far away, our trip is expected long. During the trip, watching a movie will make the trip enjoyable, and less tedious.

Cinema has been an important mean of entertainment, knowledge, information and culture transmission, since the beginning of the 20th century. It is perhaps the most popular way of entertainment. Moreover, some movies are so shocking that change your life!


Vacation cuts your risk of heart disease

chrissi island south side Whether its relaxing on a beach in Crete, hiking the Psiloritis Mountain or camping to enjoy sleeping surrounded by nature, holidays are something we all look forward to. And now a study has found getting out of the office or away from the stress of home is good for our hearts.


Vitamin D deficiency symptoms: The top warning signs

chrissi island north side It is well known the importance of vitamin D in human body, whose production is activated from our sun exposure. Researchers at the Medical University of Vienna, recently, announced the results of a ten-year study that had a sample of 78,000 people. Those with low levels of vitamin D in their blood are three times more likely to die prematurely.


Holiday period selection criterion. A different approach

chrissi island south side Do we eventually work all year so we can spend money on our vacations? It was a rhetorical question I heard during my vacation and I took a note of it. For many people, vacations are a very important issue, so attention is needed, not only for the place we choose, but also the dates we choose, in order to achieve the coveted relaxation.

Many people will say that August is the best month for vacations because of the great heat and our greater need for coolness. Some will say in September as beaches are more comfortable. Others don't care so much about the dates, they go whenever it is convenient.


Sea view

chrissi island north side Many people ask for sea view during their vacations when booking a room, in a hotel located on an island or near a beach. Many do it for aesthetic reasons, some because they are inspired by it, others because they feel relaxed with that view.

Innumerable songs and poems have been written about the sea, and loved from the people, as they has realized it's benefits using their senses, before it scientifically proven.


Does sunscreen products block the production of vitamin D?

chrissi island north side In recent decades, the mainstream media has spread such fear about skin cancer that most of us religiously lather ourselves in sunblock as soon as we hit the outdoors. While it is certainly true that it is important to take precautions to prevent the skin damage that can result in melanoma, it is equally important to ensure that we get sufficient exposure to the sun to ensure our bodies can produce vitamin D.


Is the tan a sign of healthy skin?

chrissi island north side

Summer plans include sea baths, visiting beautiful beaches, skin tanning, which many consider to be a reflection of the overall success of their vacation !!! But is the tan a sign of healthy skin?

Let's get things right from the beginning. Ozone is Earth's natural sunscreen, that shielding life (plants, animal and humans) from dangerous solar ultraviolet radiation. Human-produced chemicals in atmosphere - such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), used for many years as refrigerants and in aerosol spray cans - have depleted the Earth's ozone layer. Scientists first recognized the potential for harmful effects of CFCs on ozone in the early 1970s.


Feeling tired, after the holidays?

chrissi island north side

A few hours ago, you were in a new, idyllic place for you, with beautiful views, spending your time swimming, drinking, listening to music, making love .... resting, and now ... you can't realize that this situation is over and you are now back in your daily routine, in the same views, in the same stress and same daily problems. Returning to your daily routine after the holidays is always difficult. A lot of people feeling tired, depressed, indisposed after the holidays.

You can make the transition to your everyday life as easy as possible by following the tips below.


Do you think you know all about cicada ( a democratic, misunderstood hero )?

chrissi island north side There isn't day in Greece, during the summer, without the sounds of cicadas. Some people bothered, others calm down, however, the cicada, is the most popular summer star.

The legend of Tithon is also associated with the Cicada. Tithon was a mortal who had been made immortal by the gods at the request of Eo ( the divinity of dawn ), but forgot to ask to remain young. So when Tithon arrived at his last old age, Eo, who was immortal and always young as a goddess, could no longer see him. Then the gods saddened him and transformed him into a creepy insect that speaks incessantly, the cicada.


Should taking a shower immediately after swim?

chrissi island north side Seaside excursions are done more often as temperatures rise and many people use to take a shower immediately after each swim in the sea to remove saltwater. Is this a good practice? Should taking a shower immediately after each bath in the sea?

Experts explain that rinsing from sea salt does not have to be done immediately after each dip, since it has been proven that sea salt offers many benefits to the skin, thanks to some ingredients that contain and some properties that has.

The brain reacts to traveling in a unique way!

chrissi islandEveryone enjoys changing views or enjoying trips. But did you know that spending time in a new place really helps your brain change for the better?

If you've ever noticed that traveling doesn't just widen your horizons but make you truly healthier, you'll be happy to know that science agrees with you.

According to science, traveling excites your brain and favors the creation of new synapses in the brain. The connection between new experiences and the creation of dendrites in the brain is essential.

Remove your moles, naturally

chrissi island Sun and ultraviolet radiation are known to cause damage to the skin and are the main causes of the predisposition for skin cancer when our exposure becomes thoughtlessly. For this reason, it is proposed to avoid the sun in the morning and at noon (11-15) when the sunlight is more intense, as well as appropriate clothing and sunscreen.

Regular self-examination in our skin is also necessary, with observation of any changes in the skin, especially in changes in the size, shape and color of skin spots, particularly in moles. A good practise for the health of our skin and overall health,is the removal of our moles. Although natural methods to remove the moles may take a little longer than other chemical methods, we know they do not damage our skin. Read more...

Is the sea clean? A useful mini guide

chrissi island Summer!! Weather for cool baths! Mat, sunscreen, mask and flippers and we are ready to go straight to the sea. Some times, our initial entousiasm is over as we reach the beach and see the sea filled with our known seaweed, these brown black ribbons that have either flooded the beach and have no space to stretch our towel or have darkened the color at the bottom of the sea, usually causing us a sense of resentment and fear. Around us, other disappointed bathers leave saying "... the sea is dirty, it has seaweed ...". How true is this?

Can the blue flags be a first indication of the purity of the sea you swim, but how can you check the quality of seawaters even with a naked eye before you swim?


Holidays and Crowded Places. Vital Advices. Enjoy Summer!

chrissi island During the holidays, we spend time in crowded places like beaches, boats, clubs, public transport etc. But what happens with the electromagnetic radiation we receive from mobile phones, tablets and laptops especially in crowded places? Let's start with what happens with one device.

All of your personal electronic devices emit (laptops, cell phones, tablets etc.) Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), or Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) that are comprised of Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF), Radio Frequencies (RF, Wi-fi, bluetooth etc.) and Thermal Radiation (heat), all of which are potentially harmful. Gamma Rays, X-Rays and UV are also types of EMR.


Make a Natural Sunscreen

chrissi island This is a very good option of a natural sunscreen that you can make on your own and use, for face and body. It combines virtually all the qualities necessary for complete and balanced skin protection.

Coconut oil and avocados are rich in vitamin A, which protects against infrared rays. Olive oil prevents dehydration and darkens the epidermis. Wheat germ oil contains vitamin E and prevents infrared radiation. Sesame oil and sunflower oil prevent ultraviolet rays. Clover extract reduces the sensitivity of the skin to the effects of uvb and in addition is acting as a protective agent. Finally, calendula oil is healing and prevents burns.


Breathing in the forest

cedar forest on chrissi island The abundant oxygen of the forest combined with some breathing exercise can provide a significant benefit to the human body. Besides, it is no coincidence that many traditional fitness, relaxation and healing techniques as well as martial arts give great importance to breathing, and others rely on it, such as the famous group of ancient Indian breathing techniques, Pranayama, which leads to a general body improvement.

One of the most basic types of breathing used is slow, deep breathing. This is a breath which you can pull the air from your abdomen and try to slow your breathing in less than one to four cycles per minute. Below are some of the many benefits we have from this simple breathing, especially when done in a forest environment e.g under a cedar on the chrissi island.


The timeless value of reading a good book during holidays

reading on chrissi island It is a fact that many people have combined the summer season and especially the holidays by reading books. From long journeys by train to sunbeds on the beach, you will find people reading while enjoying the days they are given the opportunity to escape from everyday life.

Reading is in fact a conversation both with the protagonists of each story and with the author himself. During holidays, this dialogue can go deeper into the reader's mind as he is undistracted and has the mood, and especially the time to deepen in the meaning of the words.

Reading refines the spirit, sharpening thought. In other words, the spiritual horizons are widening, the thought is energized, the imagination is excited.


Trees and their healing properties

trees chrissi island The natural world and the trees have always been fascinating and have a special meaning for human. Trees are symbols of spirituality and represent the connection between life and earth.

Trees interact with the environment, they need water, sun, air and soil to grow. But to survive they must have strong, deep roots. If not, they are vulnerable to weather, storms and winds that can eradicate them at any time.

In a similar way human must be well grounded and shielded to cope with the trials of life. So he stays stable, finds his balance and is not flattened by the difficulties and adverse conditions faces from time to time.


Walk barefoot on the sand! Does it seem simple to you? Yes, it is, but at the same time it is also miraculous.

walk on the shore, chrissi island Check out the most important reasons and you will understand why you need to get the shoes on hand and walk barefoot on the nearest beach.

  • The body is grounding, that is free electrons are transferred from the ground to neutralize the free radicals, resulting in less risk of inflammation (Grounding is best achieved in wet sand ).
  • It is beneficial to the heart, skin, muscles, tendons and bones, as long as the sand is not hot but cool or wet.


Consumer rights in taverns, restaurants, bars and other dining areas

Ask for the store's price list. They are required to have one per two tables and have it available to each customer prior to ordering. Pricelists must be mandatory in Greek and optionally in another language. A list must be posted at the entrance of the shop. Consumer Rights

The prices including VAT must always be indicated, as well as the following message: "The consumer is not obliged to pay if he does not receive the legal document (proof-invoice).

If fish, meat or vegetables are frozen, they must be listed in the list with the words 'frozen' as well as 'pre-cooked' or pre-fried for that food.


9 foods that will fortify your skin against damage from sun exposure

Particularly on the golden island chrissi, where the white color of the sand reflects the sun's rays, it is a good choice (except of hat sunglasses, sunscreen with appropriate degree of protection, foods against sun damagewhich we must have already purchased) to strengthen the defense of the organism against the sun's rays, by eating foods such as the following

  • 1.Strawberries These juicy red fruits contain a combination of vitamin C and antioxidants, which have proven effective in protecting your skin from damage due to solar radiation. Strawberries help to treat your skin externally as well. If you have sunburns, sprinkle a few strawberries, spread them on burnt skin and rinse after a few minutes. Your burn will heal more quickly.

Useful advices for gasoline economy on vacation

In summer, the kilometers that we drive are increasing dramatically. Fuel Economy Tips on HolidaysWhether for short excursions to nearby beaches on weekends or for longer trips, the speedometer will increase and the holiday cost will increase sharply. There are some basic tips that can reduce your fuel costs by up to 30%!

  • 1.Change oils.
    Even if the time for change has not come yet (but near) the new lubricants improve the operation of the engine, reducing friction and allow it to operate more efficiently and economically at high temperatures.

Tips for safe swimming

  • before arrival1.Do not swim too far from the coast. You must think that the return is more tedious.
  • 2.It is safer to swim with friends.
  • 3.Have you eaten? Wait 2-3 hours to swim. However, avoid to enter to water completely fasting.
  • 4.Keep in mind that alcohol and swimming are a dangerous combination.


Seawater and Swimming. Great benefits for human's health !!

chrissi dive The sea swimming improves mood and promotes overall health . Hippocrates first had mentioned the word thalassotherapy to describe the healing attributes of seawater, and the ancient Greeks used to soak in baths with seawater.

Seawater contains vital elements, minerals, amino acids and living microorganisms that can produce antibiotics and antibacterial effects, contributing to the creation of a healthy immune system.

The sea salt is considered as a natural blood cleanser. It contains a large amount of vitamin C, which fights free radicals and magnesium which contribute to the action of antioxidants. Sea salt is able to detoxify your skin cells properly absorb all dirt, dust and toxic materials. As repels all the toxins from your body, sea salt makes the skin more supple and healthy. It has been observed that regular baths in sea can enhance the skin tone greatly. The magnesium in the salt can prevent fluid retention from your skin keeping it smooth, firm and youthful.


10 reasons that a few minutes exposure to the sun is beneficial to our health

  • sun1. The solar radiation to the skin activates the production of vitamin D, which enhances the absorption of calcium, which care our bones, prevents type 2 diabetes, and several types of cancer.Vitamin D also helps regulate the period of women with unsettled cycle.
  • 2. The sunny days raise levels of the hormone of joy, as called serotonin and combined with mild exercise in the sun, also are rising rates of endorphins that make us feel optimistic and wellness
  • 3. The heat of the sun is beneficial for arthritic and muscle pain, and relieve the swelling of arthritis and helps to subside the inflammation of muscle injuries.
  • 4. Lowering the levels of melatonin, sunlight enhances fertility in women and increases the levels of testosterone in men, so summer more babies captured.

Lasithi and all Crete, an excellent choice for relaxing holidays

The island of Crete is located in the center of the eastern Mediterranean at the crossroads of Africa, Asia, and Europe. It measures about 200 Km from east to west, and between 12-58 km from north to south the smallest and largest length, making it one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean sea. knosos Crete Minoan settlements (developed between 3000 and 1100 BCE), tombs and cemeteries have been found all over Crete (See Minoan archaelogical Map )


Golden European Award Given to Cretan Beaches of Ierapetra

img Ierapetra, the southernmost town in Europe, in the prefecture of Lasithi Crete, was awarded with the Golden Pan-European Prize for the high quality of its beaches by the QualityCoast programme. The criteria divided into four categories:

  • Nature
  • Environment
  • Identity
  • Socio-Economics


Photo Contest Chrissi Island 2011

The thematic tourism portal chrissi.gr organizing a photo contest. Participate by sending your photo from the island.

    Terms of participation:
  • -The contest is not allowed to join the jury members and relatives first grade .
  • -The portal Chrissi.gr takes no responsibility for copyright and licensing of photographs of participants.
  • - Each participant can send the contest 1 to 7 black and white or color photos.

About Chrissi.gr

Chrissi.gr is a thematic tourism portal about chrissi island which supported from a group of tourism companies, the municipalities of Lasithi ( Agios Nikolaos, Ierapetra, Sitia ), the authorities of Creta Region in Lasithi, and the local port authorities in Ierapetra. A special thank you, to people who offered, information, audio-visual material and generally supported the construction of chrissi.gr (alphabetically):