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cedar forest on chrissi island The abundant oxygen of the forest combined with some breathing exercise can provide a significant benefit to the human body. Besides, it is no coincidence that many traditional fitness, relaxation and healing techniques as well as martial arts give great importance to breathing, and others rely on it, such as the famous group of ancient Indian breathing techniques, Pranayama, which leads to a general body improvement.

One of the most basic types of breathing used is slow, deep breathing. This is a breath which you can pull the air from your abdomen and try to slow your breathing in less than one to four cycles per minute. Below are some of the many benefits we have from this simple breathing, especially when done in a forest environment e.g under a cedar on the chrissi island. In all these exercises, the body must be with the spine upright, in any position that everyone prefers (squat like the Indians, knees such as the Chinese and the Japanese, sitting in a chair like the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, etc)..

The deep breath detoxifies and releases toxins. Human body is designed to release a high proportion of its toxins through breathing. If it does not breathe effectively, toxins will not be removed right, from your body. When you exhale air from your body releases carbon dioxide that has passed through the circulation of blood in your lungs. Carbon dioxide is a natural waste of your body's metabolism.

Long and deep breath releases tension. Think about how your body feels when you are worried, angry, afraid or anxious.Your muscles are tight and your breathing becomes shallow. When your breath is shallow you do not get the amount of oxygen your body needs. Long and deep breathing reverses this process, allowing your body (and mind) to expand.

cedar tree on chrissi island The deep breathing relaxes the mind / body and provides mind clarity. Increasing oxygen in the brain greatly reduces levels of anxiety. Pay attention to your breath. Breathe slowly, deeply and feel your body.As you relax your body, you can find that breathing provides you mind clarity and ideas creativity.

The deep breathing is massaging your organs. The diaphragm movements during the breathing exercise is massaging the stomach, the small intestine, the liver and the pancreas. Upper movement of the diaphragm also makes massage to the heart. When you inhale air, your diaphragm goes down and your belly expands. With this action, you are massaging your vital organs and improve blood circulation to them. Controlled breathing also enhances and stimulates your abdominal muscles.

The deep breathing develop the muscles. Breathing is the process of oxygenation for all the cells in your body. An amount of oxygen increases your body's ability to build muscles .

The deep breathing strengthens the immune system. Oxygen travels through your blood, connecting your hemoglobin to your red blood cells. When the level of oxygen increases, it improves your body's ability to metabolize nutrients and vitamins, and boosts the immune system.

The deep breathing strengthens the nervous system. When the brain, spinal cord and nerves receive increased oxygen, then they are nourished. This improves the health of the whole body, as the nervous system communicates with all parts of the body.

The long deep breathing strengthens the lungs. As you breathe deeply, the lungs become healthier and stronger, a good preventative measure against respiratory problems.

cedar tree on chrissi island Proper breathing makes the heart stronger. Breathing exercises reduce the workload for the heart by two ways. Deep breathing leads to stronger lungs, and powerful lungs carry more oxygen in the blood. This blood goes to the heart that sends it to other tissues. With healthy blood, the heart does not have to work so hard to supply oxygen to the tissues. Second, deep breathing leads to increased blood circulation, which means that the heart does not have to work so hard to distribute the blood. Proper breathing helps control weight. If you are overweight, extra oxygen burns excess fat more efficiently. If you are too weak, the extra oxygen nourishes the "hungry" tissues and glands.

The deep breathing improves the regeneration of cells, which is due to increase in oxygen.

Also the deep breathing raises the mood, increases the chemicals of pleasure in the brain while cures natural pain.

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