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The infallible way to always choose the best watermelon! Share it on Facebook

chrissi island north side Watermelon is probably the most popular fruit of the summer. It nourishes, moisturizes, and cools us. Many times, our enthusiasm by buying a watermelon is over when we open it and try it, we find it unripe, or that it is not as we expected. When choosing the watermelon, others strike it, others smell it, others simply trust their experienced greengrocer.

Eventually what is the secret to pick the red, sweet and fragrant watermelon?

Below you will find all those features that watermelon should have before selecting.

  • 1.Right weight. There is no magic number. The right watermelon is just heavy enough for its size.

  • 2. Smooth look. It should be tight, no blows, cuts or various black spots, and must also have a symmetrical shape. The more mature watermelon, the deeper green color has its peel.

  • 3. Yellow Sign. All watermelons have a sign ("memento" from where they touched the soil ) at their bottom. If it is white or green, watermelon is unripe. If it is yellowish, it deserves a place in your refrigerator!

  • 4. Chloro stalk. Its stalk should necessarily be green. If it is dry, then it means that it had stayed for many days in the grower's or supplier's warehouse and so it is not particularly fresh.

  • 5. Good sound. If watermelon is juicy and delightful, when you hit it slightly in the middle, a deep and hollow sound should be heard. But if his sound is short and sharp, then sorry but the watermellon is very unripe!

Extra Tip! We will advise you not to buy watermelons that have stayed for a long time exposed to the sun. Instead, select watermelons that located in a shady and cool place.
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