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Consumer rights in taverns, restaurants, bars and other dining areas Share it on Facebook

Consumer Rights Ask for the store's price list. They are required to have one per two tables and have it available to each customer prior to ordering. Pricelists must be mandatory in Greek and optionally in another language. A list must be posted at the entrance of the shop.

The prices including VAT must always be indicated, as well as the following message: "The consumer is not obliged to pay if he does not receive the legal document (proof-invoice)."

If fish, meat or vegetables are frozen, they must be listed in the list with the words 'frozen' as well as 'pre-cooked' or pre-fried for that food.

Salads must bear the name as defined by the store and the basic ingredients that make up it.

The type of oil used in food must be indicated.

It is not allowed to charge the couver and the service.

Option of electronic payment must be available.

You always ask for proof and check the items you ordered.

The mass caterers are required to keep a "Complaint Bulletin" in a special case, in a prominent spot at the outlet of the store in triplicate, to be filled in by the consumer if they have a complaint and sent to the relevant Department of Commerce of each Region.

    For information and complaints
  • General Secretariat for Trade and Consumer Protection
    T: 1520, E-mail: 1520 (at) efpolis.gr
    Fax: 2103843549

Other Legal Entities
  • EKPOIZO is a Legal Entity of Private Law, non-profit, since 1988. EKPOIZO is a recognized and certified Consumer Union under Law 2251/94, "for the protection of the consumer".
  • T:210 330 4444. E-mail: info(at)ekpizo.gr