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chrissi island at night When the destination of our vacation is far away our trip is expected long. During the trip, watching a movie will make the trip enjoyable, making it less tedious.

Cinema has been an important mean of entertainment, knowledge, information and culture transmission, since the beginning of the 20th century. It is perhaps the most popular way of entertainment.

Researchers at University College London observed that while watching a movie on the cinema, the heart rate increased as it would increase during a 45-minute aerobic workout. Specifically, the body reacts and the brain is stimulated as it monitors the rotation of images.

The benefits of a long focus period are also important for the brain. Cinema enhances concentration and memory, as focusing on something for some time rejuvenates the centers of the brain. Researchers found that during the film, viewers' hearts were beating between 40% and 80% of the maximum rate.

Traveling more than 2 hours by plane, by boat or by bus, especially in the evenings, watching a movie is definitely a good choice.

    Below is a list of movies worth seeing:

  1. - The Photographer of Mauthausen
  2. - Love me if you dare
  3. - The Keeper
  4. - Red Joan
  5. - La vita e bella. (Life is beautiful.)
  6. - Mr Jones
  7. - Richard Jewel
  8. - While at War
  9. - Green Book
  10. - Happiness Never Comes Alone
  11. - Ford Vs Ferrari
  12. - A hidden Life
  13. - Remi sans famille
  14. - Notebook
  15. - Where hands Touch
  16. - Little Italy
  17. - Captain Corelli Mandolin
  18. - Rasputin
  19. - Joker
  20. - Contagion
  21. - Avatar
  22. - The Pianist
  23. - Harriet
  24. -The Endless Trench / La trinchera infinita
  25. - The Collini Case