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Summer and Mosquitoes. Do they transmit Covid-19? Share it on Facebook

chrissi island north side Summer, relaxation, great beaches, beach bars, nights with guitar on the beach, sleep in nature....etc And while you relax you feel something in your hand or maybe not only there. A new visitor came to make you scratch mercilessly, blush and get marks that may take hours or even days to go away. You all understood which visitor I am referring to. Because mosquitoes are definitely the most annoying company of the summer.

Male mosquitoes may feed with nectar or pollen that found in nature, but females also need blood to survive and make eggs. The female pierces the skin with 6 "pins" in her mouth, removes a hemolytic and antihistamine saliva and with its proboscis sucks the blood that ends up in its elastic abdomen.

Although researchers have not yet identified exactly what attracts a mosquito, they believe that specific odors are the main culprit. People with high concentrations of steroids or cholesterol on the surface of their skin are more attracted to mosquitoes, as well as those that produce excessive amounts of certain acids, such as uric acid. All of these substances can cause a mosquito to smell, leading to a specific person.

Scientists also believe that people who emit larger amounts of carbon dioxide, such as overweight or pregnant women, are mosquito magnets. It is also observed that mosquito favorite blood group is 0 as in these people the insects attack almost twice as much as in those who have group A. Group B is located approximately in the middle of the "scratching scale".

chrissi island Unfortunately, mosquito bites aren't just annoying.
Mosquitoes can transmit diseases and spread them to humans.

    Mosquitoes are known to carry diseases such as:
  • Zika virus - is linked to genetic abnormalities
  • Dengue fever - can lead to hemorrhagic fever
  • West Nile virus - causes fever, joint pain, vomiting and rashes
  • Malaria - causes fever, chills and vomiting
  • Yellow fever - can cause jaundice, chills and vomiting
  • Tsikougounia virus - can cause joint pain, rashes and nausea
  • La Crosse encephalitis - can cause fever and nausea
  • Rift valley fever - can cause dizziness, weakness and eye damage
  • Jamestown Canyon virus - can cause flu-like symptoms
  • Sareshoe Hare virus - can cause dizziness, vomiting and rashes
Covid19 can't transmit by any type of mosquitoes with the data so far.

Vitamin B1 Repels mosquitoes!

Vitamin B1 (thiamine) is a water-soluble vitamin that your body needs to function properly and stay healthy. It can be found in foods such as pork in terms of meat, broccoli, onions, eggs, green beans, cabbage, spinach, eggplant, and sunflower seeds. It also plays an important role in combating stress and boosting the immune system.

What does this have to do with mosquitoes? If you have enough vitamin B1 in your body you will produce a smell that repels mosquitoes. Don't worry - people won't be able to smell it! But when the mosquitoes smell it, they will go to another target!