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chrissi island north side The journey is a personal matter. A contract that for some time you leave back your daily self and become a traveler character, who wants inexhaustible to perceive every image, any sound, every taste, each smell and every feeling as if he perceives them for the first time.

The traveler does not only captures attractions, but also feelings. And the most important feeling is to feel how it is to be out of the closed, social conventions of his everyday life. Be suddenly in a society that finds difficult, or even incomprehensible his ideology, his religion, his ways and his culture and discover what is finally these common and communication elements that join all people in every culture. This is the main reason why the Spanish philosopher Miguel de Unamuno stated that "travelling is a cure for racism."

The favorite word of a right traveler is the observation. He observes everything around him, what happens, what moves, whatever exists. All his senses are in full mode in order to be able to use them, to taste, listen, see, and touch everything that the different enviroment offers.

The most experienced travelers start their journey with almost empty suitcase because they know that on the return will be full of images, thoughts, ideas and emotions.

Turning back from a trip you can change from how you drink your coffee, up to how you behave to people. According to science, those who travel frequently, at least 120 kilometers away from home, are 7% happier than people who do not (research published in Tourism Analysis)