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A few hours ago, you were in a new, idyllic place for you, with beautiful views, spending your time swimming, drinking, listening to music, making love .... resting, and now ... you can't realize that this situation is over and you are now back in your daily routine, in the same views, in the same stress and same daily problems. Returning to your daily routine after the holidays is always difficult. A lot of people feeling tired, depressed, indisposed after the holidays.

You can make the transition to your everyday life as easy as possible by following the tips below.

  • Clean your home before you go on vacation
  • Wipe off. Change sheets, laundry and iron your clothes. Returning to a clean and tidy home, will help you to get better organized and give you time to rest from your returning trip.
  • Don't go back to work on Monday
  • Make your first week at work smaller by returning to the office Tuesday or Wednesday. So you will have less to wait for the weekend.

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  • Give yourself a day to adjust
  • Spend a day emptying your suitcase, laundry, going to the supermarket and relaxing from your holiday trip. It is better to gradually move into daily living than to return to the office immediately. chrissi island south side
  • Plan your next vacation
  • Schedule a trip within the next six months. This way, when you feel sorry for the holidays that have just ended, you will be able to wait for the next getaway soon.
  • Organize your vacation photos
  • You can use the time you spend on the ferry or return flight to organize the photos you took on your trip. Remembering the beautiful moments you spent will make your mood every time you look at them again.