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Trees and their healing properties Share it on Facebook

trees chrissi island The natural world and the trees have always been fascinating and have a special meaning for human. Trees are symbols of spirituality and represent the connection between life and earth.

Trees interact with the environment, they need water, sun, air and soil to grow. But to survive they must have strong, deep roots. If not, they are vulnerable to weather, storms and winds that can eradicate them at any time.

In a similar way human must be well grounded and shielded to cope with the trials of life. So he stays stable, finds his balance and he is not flattened by the difficulties and adverse conditions faces from time to time.

Just walking among trees is particularly beneficial to our health and well-being, experts say, pointing out that it has proven to reduce the stress and symptoms of various diseases. According to scientific research, a walk in the forest reduces blood pressure, improves heart rhythms and benefits the immune system. In one experiment, when looking at pictures of the forest for 20 minutes, the participants showed a reduction of cortisol, the stress hormone by 13%.

In addition to walking, many people choose different ways to take advantage of the energy of the trees: they systematically embrace trees trunk by grounding themselves and feeling the energy of nature flowing unimpeded in their bodies. The Japanese have a specific word describing this experience of contact. It is the phrase shinrin-yoku, which in free translation means "I swim, I swim in the forest".

trees chrissi islandIt is said that trees can absorb the negative energy from our body. Those who are systematically in contact with the trees, mainly by hugging their trunks, discharge themselves by releasing the toxins they have accumulated on their bodies. An elf tree is more than a wooden block with branches and leaves. We can only find it by walking in the woods, observing the trunks, the variety of colors and the motives that abound in nature. If we really coordinate well we will be surprised by the energy emitted by the trees.

According to eco-psychology just inhalation of pure oxygen is enough to cleanse the mind while the sounds, the smells, and the images activating the five human senses.