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Covid-19. What to do If you suspect that you may have been infected? Self-help Tip Share it on Facebook

chrissi island north side The fear and the scenarios that are circulating for Covid 19, will probably reduce our summer excursions or even postpone our summer vacation.

In Greece there is a popular wisdom that says:"Better to tie the donkey than to chase it" which means in a free translation, before you do anything you better take your precautions. Safety measures such as distance, mask, and hand washing reduce the chance of infection and refer to the first part of popular wisdom. But what about the second part of this popular greek wisdom? What to do If you suspect that you may have been infected?

Characteristic of viral infection is that it usually invades progressively as opposed to the microbial one that invades abruptly. So, in case of infection, we have some time, before the virus full effect.

Here is a scientific method of disinfection of covid-19, published in 2020.

Viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza are lipophilic, enveloped viruses, and are relatively easy to inactivate by exposure to alcohols.

Therefore the constitution of the lipid bilayer should be common in all SARS, MERS and influenza viruses, even after mutations, and thus these closely-related viruses will be disinfected by exposure to ethanol with the same concentration.

covid19 disinfection Existing experimental data indicate that an ethanol concentration of 30~40 v/v% is sufficient to inactivate theese viruses. It may be possible to use alcoholic beverages of 16~20 v/v% concentration for this disinfection process, such as traditional Raki and Ouzo, or Whisky, or Vodka, (1:1 hot water dilution) because they are readily available and safe.

By inhaling the alcohol vapor at 50~60 C (122~140 F ) through the nose for one or two minutes, it will condense on surfaces inside the respiratory tract; mainly in the nasal cavity. The alcohol concentration by this process, is enough to disinfect the corona virus on the mucous membrane. This method also provides more moisture into respiratory tract, and helps to clean the inside of the nasal cavity by stimulating blowing of the nose, and also makes the mucous escalator work actively so that the self-clearing mechanism in the trachea will remove viruses faster. An alternative prompt method is also discussed. We use 40 v/v% whisky or similar alcohol, dripping on a gauze, inhale the vapor slowly at room temperature. This method works well for the front part of the nasal cavity.

Repeat after some hours, and drink a shot.